19,000 km with my Volvo XC40: SUV goes in for 2nd service

I believe this is a solid product from the Volvo stable and a fantastic companion when hitting the roads.

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This has been an eventful second year of ownership. A tire change, a breakdown on a trip. But, the way I see it, it’s part of the package of owning these beautiful machines. I still get a smile on my face when I am behind the wheel. The comfort & confidence the car provides on long drives is irreplaceable. A beautiful machine indeed and it’s as smart looking as the day I bought it. This car ages really well. With car prices reaching the stratosphere, I am glad I made this purchase when I did.

It was time for a second service, and I promptly sent it over. The service advisor suggested a service package. With the revised rate, the 3-year – 3 service package was Rs. 60,000/- + Taxes (Rs. 70,800/-). Without this package, the service would come to around 35,000/- easily per year. I also asked her to share the service schedule of parts to be replaced for each service. You can find the picture below. This will help us check if they are suggesting any unnecessary replacements. The advisor did share the schedule as you can see below.

I also asked for a quote without a service package and they quoted Rs. 54,000/- with a lot of add-ons, After removing all the extras, it still comes to a total service bill of around Rs. 32,000/-. It made sense for me to take the service package.

So after the service package and removing all optional items. My total service bill was zero. So my upkeep will be minimal for the next two years as well.

I got the wheel alignment done at a reliable FNG at a fraction of the cost of what the service centre was quoting.

I was also getting an error on SRS airbag failure, which is now fixed, and looked more like a software glitch.

Everything said and done, ownership has been very satisfactory with some minor hiccups, which I write down as part and parcel of owning a car. I look forward to what the next year will bring. I have some road trips in the planning stage and I am sure a few of them will materialize.

For now, I believe this is a solid product from the Volvo stable and a fantastic companion when hitting the roads. With the new petrol BMW X1 nerfed, XC40 continues to remain a solid choice in its segment.On a side note, I have recently been to Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, a great place to spot some tigers. If you are in Hyderabad it’s a fantastic weekend getaway. Here is a video of the road if you are interested, takes about 4-6 hours to drive from Hyderabad

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