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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) will officially launch the Mercedes-Benz EQS this Friday (July 22, 2022), the company announced on its official website and social media pages. The fully electric sedan was first revealed to the world back in April 2021 and has been open for registrations of interest locally since March this year.

More recently, in June, an EQS was spotted at the Petronas station at Gambang east-bound R&R on the East Coast Expressway. That car had quite a bit of camouflage applied to it, which made it difficult to determine what sort of powertrain it had.

Currently, the EQS is available in six variants, including the EQS 350, EQS 450+, EQS 450 4Matic, EQS 500 4Matic, EQS 580 4Matic and AMG EQS 53 4Matic+. An easy-to-digest breakdown of the line-up in terms of powertrain specifications is as follows:

  • EQS 350: 90.6 kWh battery; 638 km WLTP-rated range; single-motor RWD; 292 PS (288 hp or 215 kW) and 565 Nm
  • EQS 450+: 107.8 kWh battery; 785 km WLTP-rated range; single-motor RWD; 333 PS (329 hp or 245 kW) and 568 Nm
  • EQS 450 4Matic: 107.8 kWh battery; 685 km WLTP-rated range; dual-motor AWD; 360 PS (355 hp or 265 kW) and 800 Nm
  • EQS 500 4Matic: 107.8 kWh battery; 685 km WLTP-rated range; dual-motor AWD; 449 PS (443 hp or 330 kW) and 855 Nm
  • EQS 580 4Matic: 107.8 kWh battery; 676 km WLTP-rated range; dual-motor AWD; 523 PS (516 hp or 385 kW) and 855 Nm
  • AMG EQS 53 4Matic+: 107.8 kWh battery; 586 km km WLTP-rated range; dual-motor AWD; 658 PS (649 hp or 484 kW) and 949 Nm, or 761 PS (751 hp or 560 kW) and 1,020 Nm with optional AMG Dynamic Plus package

As for charging, the EQS ships as standard with an 11-kW onboard AC charger but can be specified with a 22-kW charger as well. The car is also compatible with DC fast charging up to 200 kW, which can provide up to an additional 300 km of range in just 15 minutes (for variants with the larger battery).

We’ll only know which variant(s) of the EQS will be sold here later this week, along with official pricing and a proper kit list. Now, besides the EQS, MBM could also unveil two other EVs in the EQ family, namely the EQB and EQC. In an email blast sent out to those who have registered for alerts, the two electric SUVs were pictured alongside the EQS, although there’s no confirmation if they will be launched on the day as well.

We’ve actually gotten up close with the EQC before, as the SUV was previously previewed here way back in June 2019 in conjunction with the launch of the previous-generation S-Class PHEV (S 560 e). At the time, MBM said the EQC 400 4Matic – the sole variant so far – was available for order and even provided an estimated price of RM600,000.

The EQB is a more recent member of the EQ family, as it was first unveiled in April this year. Essentially an all-electric version of the GLB that is already being sold here, the EQB can be specified with up to seven seats and a choice of three powertrains.

The first is the EQB 250 that packs a front-mounted electric motor rated at 190 PS (188 hp or 140 kW) and 385 Nm. This is followed by the dual-motor, all-wheel drive EQB 300 4Matic with 228 PS (225 hp or 168 kW) and 390 Nm as well as the EQB 350 4Matic with 292 PS (288 hp or 215 kW) and 520 Nm. All three come with a 66.5-kWh lithium-ion battery providing 452 km of range in the EQB 250, and 412 km in both the 4Matic variants.

At the time of writing, the only EQ model in the local line-up is the EQA that was launched in March in a sole EQA 250 AMG Line option priced at RM286,888 following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption – it still benefits from government incentives for EVs.

For now, the EQS’ launch is confirmed, and we’ll have to wait until July 22 to see if MBM has other EQ offerings to show us on the day. Are you looking forward to the EQS, or are you hoping for another EQ model to be made available?

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