Adorable Retro RV Is VW-Bodied With Subaru Power And Ready To Rent

Classic on the outside, modern inside and underneath.

By now, you should know the crew loves campers. That holds especially true for clever builds, and when you toss in a classic vehicle like a vintage Volkswagen bus, we simply can’t resist the charm. It seems others can’t resist either, because this Australia-based company called Retro RV is building these clever campers for entrepreneurs interested in starting an RV rental franchise.

We came upon Retro RV on Facebook, and it looks like they’re just getting started as of December 2020. The company had a rush of initial orders to build campers for future franchise operators, but then COVID-19 came crashing down and things were put on hold. With light finally visible at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, those opportunities are once again open for people in both Australia and the United States.

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To showcase what it’s all about, Retro RV is blitzing the social media world with photos and videos of its handiwork. From the classic looks to the modern interiors and the construction process, we’re seriously impressed.

Obviously, you can’t have a business named Retro RV without a retro connection. From the various Facebook posts, it looks like old VW buses in rough condition are sourced for the foundation of these neat RVs. From there the entire camper is custom built and designed to sleep two people while also offering plenty of space and an array of amenities. We don’t have details on power, water capacity, and so forth, but the interior shots certainly show a spacious living area with a sink, refrigerator, and gobs of storage.

Meanwhile, the outside retains all the classic glory you get with a vintage Volkswagen. The vehicles aren’t simply restored either – underneath it all resides a modern Subaru powertrain including the engine and transmission, with steering, suspension, and brake components also modernized. And if a two-person camper isn’t quite enough, the company is working on a four-person version as well.

Retro RV already has 18 orders for campers in the pipeline, and judging by the abundance of comments on their social posts, we suspect there are all kinds of interested buyers. We can’t wait to see what other designs are slated for the future.


Retro RV via Facebook, YouTube

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