Bentley brings Pikes Peak to your living room

The carbon fibre steering wheel from Bentley's insane GT3 car will be manufactured and sold to gamers

By Matt Bird / Monday, June 21, 2021 / Loading comments

For obvious reasons, the past year or so has seen a rise in the amount of people sim racing, be that just dusting off Gran Turismo through boredom or embarking on the more serious, iRacing-style route. Of course the genre was experiencing growth anyway, thanks to the meteoric rise of streaming – Porsche showed off its first Formula E car on Twitch in 2019 – plus the quality of both software and hardware. You really can effectively learn the craft of racing via a PC these days.

However, there’s good gaming kit, and then there’s Bentley gaming kit. Keen to tap into the excitement around the upcoming Pikes Peak record attempt, it has collaborated with Fanatec to create a gaming wheel that exactly mirrors the one mounted to the GT3 car. In fact, Bentley claims this is the first wheel that’s raced in a car before being offered as an accessory.

So it is exactly the same, built from carbon fibre and magnesium alloy, fitted with Bentley knurling on the rotary encoders and using a central circular display for telemetry. It’s even quick release (from a Fanatec wheel base), just like a racecar, for when tea is ready. And when it’s removed, the wheel can be shown off on a wall or desk with display mount, then transported with a travelling case. Wherever gaming may take you, the Fanatec wheel can come too.

Paul Williams, Director of Motorsport at Bentley Motors, said: “Our detailed collaboration with Fanatec has repurposed the steering wheel from the Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak car for virtual use. There cannot be a more realistic way for gaming enthusiasts to experience the thrill of driving one of our fastest ever vehicles, from home.”

That said, we’re not far off finding out whether that 750hp+ GT3 will break a Pikes Peak record, which is a tad more exciting – Rhys Millen will head up the hill on Sunday. Those that wish to mark the occasion by getting a wheel best speak to Fanatec, as an RPP hasn’t yet been released. Just be sure to anticipate a Bentley appropriate price, even for a gaming wheel.

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