Carbon-Fiber Teardrop Camper Has Queen Bed, Weighs Just 500 Pounds

Camper trailers are available in various sizes and shapes, but those looking to save weight should look at the Rift Utility Camper. It uses carbon fiber for the teardrop’s shell, making for a lightweight trailer that weighs less than 500 pounds (226 kilograms) and can be towed by a variety of vehicles with a tow hitch. 

The Rift doesn’t skimp on space, either, offering enough roof for an inflatable queen-size mattress. It lacks things like a toilet, but small trailers like this aren’t designed to provide an ultra-luxurious camping experience, but it does have some creature comforts. The camper comes with a Yeti Power Pack and a Sub Z Cooler.

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Rift offers various upgrades for the camper, including an outdoor-accessible kitchen galley. Optional equipment includes a sink, cooktop, and cooler. Inside, customers can add storage cabinets, a fan, a removable galley wall, a ceiling hatch, and an upgraded power and battery pack. The interior can also accommodate electrical plugs, a drink holder, storage hooks, and more. Even the exterior is customizable with paint and graphics options available, although the carbon fiber weave looks cool.

Rift builds the Utility Camper on a powder-coated aluminum frame. It features a Timbren axle-less 1,200-lb (544-kg) suspension, 15-inch aluminum wheels, and three jack stands.

Rift offers a more rugged version called the Rift Adventure Sport that weighs 660 pounds (299 kg) dry. The camper features a thicker three-inch powder-coated frame, a full nerf bar, and running boards with carbon-fiber inserts. It also comes with off-road tires, a Yakima sport rack, a pullout cooktop and sink, a built-in refrigerator and cooler, and a foldable queen-size mattress and sofa system.

The Rift Utility Camper starts at $29,000, while the Adventure Sport commands $39,000. If you want more freedom with your build, Rift will let you customize your camper, which starts at $19,000. It won’t come with everything that you will need, but it provides a place to sleep, a place to cook, and a place to enjoy the great outdoors, even if it’s not a motorhome. 

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