Clocked 41,000 km in 1 year on my Fortuner 4×4 AT: Here’s my experience

No DPF issues, whether it is cruising on highways all day long or on any of the high mountain passes in Ladakh.

BHPian ragh_bhushan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Furteela Ghonga 2.0 turned one on 9/11. The ownership experience has been absolutely delightful with no niggles or issues whatsoever. The 200+ horses under the hood plasters a smile on my face every time I take it for a spin. It has taken me, my family including one year old kid and a ton of luggage to places across the length and breadth of the country and brought us back safe, sound and wanting for more!

ODO currently reads about 41,000+ kms. Some noticeable points:

  • No DPF issues, whether it is cruising on highways all day long or on any of the high mountain passes in Ladakh
  • On one of the occasions the auto regeneration started during the ascent to Khardungla and completed in about 20 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes on highways
  • I have got the manual DPF regen mode enabled but haven’t felt the need to use it so far. Perhaps the litmus test would be during a harsh cold snow drive.
  • All the high mountain climbs have been effortless even with heavily loaded car (4 adults + trunk full of luggage). My previous 3.0L D4-D also did these climbs but with some huffing and puffing at the top.
  • Fog lamps are completely useless in rain and fog. Will need an upgrade for sure.
  • Only change that I have made so far are the horns and tyres. Horns upgraded to Roots Vibrosonic and tyres swapped for Geolandar G015 on day 1.
  • Typical tankful range on highway is about 800kms and in the mountains is about 600.
  • I am not an audiophile so I find the JBL system adequate for my drives.
  • Have installed internal TPMS from Sensairy and DDPAI dashcam
  • Stuck to Toyota Protect insurance for second year with all the bells and whistles included. I think the premium is much more competitive than what was 5 years ago.
  • Haven’t taken extended warranty yet. Will get this closer to 1L kms based on annual usage

Planning to upgrade the suspensions and fog lamps this year.

Leaving you with some pics of this beauty. Cheers!

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