Custom exhaust & new tail light & indicators for my Continental GT 650

I’ve also switched from Castrol to Amsoil engine oil & the bike has become very smooth and refined.

BHPian CarManMotorcycl recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Update on my Black Widow

  • Changed from AEWs to custom end cans which have made the bike sound raspy and rumbly. Power delivery has also changed quite a bit.
  • Motone Tailights and MotoGadget mini indicators which are absolutely blinding at night.
  • Changed the oil to Amsoil from Castrol 10w40 and the bike has become so smooth that the stock bike feels unrefined.
  • The front suspension now feels sorted but that exposed the shortcomings of the rear quite a bit.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Here’s what BHPian Viju had to say about the matter:

Wow, nicely done! The custom end cans look unique and suit the bike really well. Did you import them and have someone locally build them for you?

How useful is that tank knee guard for you? When I test rode the bike (I am short at 168 cm), my knees were close to the cylinder head (where RE has thankfully fixed some guards), and nowhere close to the sculpted tank recesses.

Also, has anyone tried to fix the LED indicators that RE sells as accessories for the Meteor or the ones for the new Classic 350?

Other than the obvious lack of a mounting hole, what else could pose an issue? Maybe a change of the flasher relay, to correct the flashing rate of the lamps?

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