Drivers divided over plans for new EV charging points – ‘I don’t see the point!’

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Residents of Measham, a small village in Leicestershire, are divided over the introduction of four new EV charging points. One local resident claimed that they “don’t see the point” as there are not enough EVs around and they are too expensive.

The roll-out, which was confirmed by North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) this week, will see four new electric vehicle (EV) charging points installed in the Peggs Close car park in Measham.

The car park, which is council-owned, has been chosen to help fulfill the authority’s eco ambitions as part of its Zero Carbon Roadmap.

Set to cost more than £25,000, Measham’s four charging points will become the latest part of North West Leicestershire to move towards environmentally-friendly transport options.

However, opinions are highly divided over whether it’s a good idea.

One resident said: “I don’t see the point if I’m honest. Are there really enough electric vehicles about for it to make a difference?

“It’s a nice idea, but electric vehicles are so expensive.

“If they were cheaper maybe I would consider [them], but the price is a big turn off.

“I’m sure others feel the same, so there’s never going to be that many of them about.”

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However, others were more optimistic.

Another resident said: “It’s going to be needed and I think this is a start.

“We’ve got to think about saving the planet.”

She added: “I don’t have an electric vehicle but if there were more points around I might think about it.

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“I don’t have space where I can charge outside my home, so hopefully the council can provide slots for residents in the future.

“That could encourage people to go green.”

The woman, however, pointed out that there several issues with EVs.

She claimed that the technology still had a long way to go before more people choose the electric option.

The resident explained: “I think what’s needed most is either more electric points or cars that have better batteries in them.”

The charging points will be installed this summer.

They will join a growing number of charging points across the North West Leicestershire district.

Anyone who uses a council EV point is charged per kilowatt-hour of charging.

Those using car parks that charge a parking fee must also pay for their stay.

A third resident said: “It’s going to be useful to someone – not me personally – and you’ve got to get ready and have things here, but you don’t see a lot of electric vehicles about.

“This could encourage people and that’s a good thing I suppose.”

Councillor Andrew Woodman, NWLDC’s portfolio holder for Community Services, said: “As part of our Zero Carbon targets we’re making greener choices for the district and hope to encourage others to look at how they too can reduce emissions.

“Our network of charging points is growing across the district and helping to fuel the demand for electric cars locally, in turn leading to more charging points and greener roads.”

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