Drivers to be hit with new 20mph speed restrictions in urban areas after SNP report

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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A new power-sharing agreement between the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Green Party has included commitments on reducing speeds. A task group “will be formed” to plan the most effective implementation of the scheme by 2025.

The changes mean Scotland will become the second country to look into introducing a national 20mph limit after the Welsh Government have already backed changes.

The new commitment said: “All appropriate roads in built-up areas will have a safer speed limit of 20mph by 2025.

“A task group will be formed to plan the most effective route for implementation.”

Whilst the changes do not specifically call for a national 20mph limit, the 20’s Plenty for Us campaign expects the task group will set 20mph “as a norm”.

Local authorities will then be able to set exceptions to the rule only in areas where there is evidence it is safe.

They said this would be more consistent and cost-effective to implement than a “street by street” approach.

Rod King MBE, Founder and Campaigns Director for the 20’s Plenty Campaign said they “look forwards” to the development of the Task Force.

They added the recommendations would make Scotland “an even better place to be” and would likely make the roads safer.

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He said: “The Scottish Government is recognising the value of setting 20mph as a consistent national standard for sharing roads between motors and people.

“We look forward to the development of the 20mph Task Force and its recommendations to make Scotland an even better place to be.”

Alongside a new 20mph limit, the joint policy agreement is also pushing for “growth in active travel”.

Their campaign will encourage more people to walk or cycle to school and work if they live within two miles.

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