Elon Musk: Tesla Is Close To Establishing A Presence In Russia

Russia is probably the world’s biggest market for Tesla vehicles that is not officially supported.

Even though Tesla is not officially present in Russia, this might not be obvious if you visit one of the country’s larger cities where you will be surprised to see plenty of Teslas being driven around. However, even though Russians just love their Teslas, they can only procure them through third parties, or they just buy the vehicles themselves form abroad – they are gray market vehicles, so to speak.

However, this could change soon, as Elon Musk recently stated that Tesla is actually close to establishing a presence in Russia (an excerpt from a video conference he held for a Russian audience is in the embedded tweet posted below). Musk also mentions other big nearby markets, such as Kazakhstan, so it’s clear that the automaker does have clear plans to expand into that area of the world.

But what do those plans entail? Well, surely Musk is at least referring to having showrooms and service centers in Russia, but according to the source tweet, Tesla may even be looking to set up a manufacturing site in the country too. Currently, Tesla builds cars in the United States and China, and production will also begin in Germany fairly soon too.

If we take a look at Tesla’s Supercharger map, it shows fiveour locations where the rapid charging stations would be installed. Two are fairly close to Moscow, one is in Saint Petersburg, another in Veliky Novgorod and the fifth one is midway between the Russian capital and the Latvian border. No locations for Tesla stores, service centers or body shops are currently listed on the map anywhere in Russia, though.

Tesla is certainly expanding eastward in Europe. It recently officially entered the Romanian and Hungarian markets and the first Supercharger in Bulgaria also went online. There are already two Superchargers operational in neighboring Serbia, while further north in Poland, the number of Superchargers is rapidly increasing; Poland also has a store and service center up and running too. Next up will probably be Ukraine, with two future Supercharger locations listed on the map.

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