‘Find the cheapest petrol in your area’: Fuel hack to slash the cost of your tank

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Krishnan Kara posted the hack to his TikTok account @krish.kara. The content creator posts hacks and tips to his platform, where he has amassed 74.8k followers and 828.1k likes. In one video he addressed how to find the “cheapest petrol” in your area.

“Use this hack to find the cheapest petrol in your area,” he told his followers.

How to find cheaper petrol with Waze

Step one: Download the Waze app

Step two: Head over to the map, click search and click the icon that looks like a fuel pump

The app will then list petrol stations and prices in your area

Krishnan explained: “Waze will show you a list of petrol stations in your area.

“As well as the petrol prices regularly updated by Waze users, you can also filter by petrol type, distance and price.”

Waze users may have noticed petrol prices popping up along their route as they travel using the app.

It is also possible to bring this feature up whenever you need it.

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You will need to have a route active before the feature can be used.

However, there is no need to actually be driving.

Do this by tapping on the “Glass” icon and then where you enter text.

Once tapping on this, you should see a row of icons.

One of these is a petrol pump icon, and clicking on this will show petrol prices recently updated by Waze users.

He suggested this app may be better than another popular app used to find cheap petrol prices.

One TikTok user wrote: “Is this any better that the petrol prices app? I find that useful?”

Krish responded: “I think as there are more users of Waze the prices are more recently updated.”

Another driver recently detailed a fuel hack she is using to slash her petrol costs. 

Briton, Jade, said she has been using Premium Unleaded for the past six months.

She explained: “Spending that little bit more, it’s is eight pence more expensive per litre, has a massive saving in the end. I really recommend it.

“We’re all feeling the cost of living right now. It’s so expensive. Fuel is more expensive than it’s ever been. So, hopefully, this video will help people.”

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