‘Frightening nonsense’ British public react with fury to proposed ban on car ownership

Andy Burnham says better transport will 'change people's lives'

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Angry car owners across the country have continued to show their incredulity at mooted plans to do away with individual car ownership in favour of shared transport schemes.
Following Government Transport minister Trudy Harrison’s comments that owning a car outright is “20th Century thinking’, Express.co.uk readers swamped the site to have their say.

Many feel that not only are the ideas completely unrealistic, they also outline how the UK’s public transport systems are woefully inadequate for such a scheme to work.

Pointing to life outside metropolitan areas, they believe the plans are unworkable.

“Whoever tries introducing this will find being elected outside of a big city completely impossible,” wrote Express reader Timeboy1.

“I for one wont vote for them.”

“Get out into the country and see how you get on,” echoed Seaninblair.

“You will be stranded without your own transport.”

Others spoke of the practicalities of not owning a car. “Absolute rubbish,” wrote Rod Fearnley.

“Took me 20 minutes yesterday to go to the Doctors in my car. Would take me two to three hours using a bus, if one was available at the time of the appointment.”

Harrison, the MP for Copeland, this week told a Mobility conference that she felt doing away with owning a car would introduce “greater flexibility, with personal choice and low carbon shared transport”.

She told delegates it was “staggering” that two-thirds of all trips in the UK are taken by lone drivers.

But Express readers pointed out that as MP for a rural area she should understand how difficult it can be to take public transport.

SmiffyMiffy said: “This waste of space is my local MP, shows up for photo shoots, when all the hard work has been done by others, in her own car, funded by the taxpayer, to take credit.”

The Government has made reducing the number of cars on the road and switching to other forms of transport a priority.

Many car manufacturers have signalled their intention to stop selling petrol and diesel cars within the next decade and Harrison said the need for cleaner air had the UK at a tipping point.

“The challenge is to move further and faster to make shared mobility less of a novelty and increase the norm to make it as easy, as convenient and as accessible as possible,” she said.

“I think the benefits are really significant. From clean air to healthier populations to greater connectivity for more people, no matter where they live.”

But Express readers disagreed in their droves.

“Let all MP’s and their families give up using cars for a year. See how it goes,” wrote CarrTheFloorwalker.

“You never know, they might all think it’s great. Walking three miles to school as it’s not on a bus route, Aunty Mabel coming to visit on Christmas Day when there are no trains, carrying a trolley load of shopping home from Asda.”

Marco Polo 247 simply added: “The lack of anything remotely resembling common sense in a Government minister is frightening.”

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