How I saved Rs 14,350 buying my car tyres online instead of at a store

Although I was a bit apprehensive early on, the whole purchase process went smoothly.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Bought these 5 Continental UC6s, 195/60R16s from Amazon.

Some Stats

The price paid for each tyre: Rs 6530 post discounts.

Batch: 15th Week of 2022, Mid April 2022!

Why not Offline

Was quoted Rs. 9400 per tyre and the tyres were more than a year old.

Why not Michelin

Was concerned about tyre cracking issues on P3ST which was the only option available in this size. Also, people who have used both opine that UC6s are way superior in every way. P4STs are better, however, but they aren’t available yet. Secondly, Michelins are hard to find and if any emergency happens and I need one tyre, I may not be able to find it easily. Contis OTOH is Made in India and is easily available.

Purchase Details

Contacted the seller around April end and he promised to deliver March 22 make tyres. Decided to wait for the summer sale, for more credit card offers.

Placed an order on the 7th and opted to pay via separate credit card for each tyre for maximum benefits. Thanks to BHPians and good friends who made this possible.

The price I paid for each tyre was Rs 6530, which is a cool 3k less than what I was quoted locally. Also, the manufacturing DOT code was 1522, which means it was manufactured in mid-April 2022. Would highly recommend the seller and he is as good as the reputed ones on Amazon like TyreWallas and TyreExperts. Since the seller wasn’t on Prime (but the tyre was delivered by Amazon Transportation services), I was a bit apprehensive, but everything went smoothly.



Post the delivery, he himself contacted me for warranty registration. For Continental, I had to send him pics of the barcode, vehicle model, registration number and Odometer reading. Received the message immediately.

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