Hundreds of Britons are breaking 10 little-known road laws with drivers at risk

DVLA rules and driving laws coming in 2022

Hundreds of British motorists are breaking little-known driving laws which could land them fines of up to £1,000, according to experts.

The rules varied from swearing at others to driving with frosted windows and even playing music too loudly.

But, a new poll of 1,500 drivers from Scrap Car Comparison found flashing headlights to give way to another driver is one of the most common rules broken by motorists.

A staggering 88 percent of road users admitted to doing so with 42 percent adding they “always” used their headlights to communicate with others.

However, the Highway Code clearly states road users should only flash their headlights to let other motorists know they are there.

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It should not be used to convey messages to other drivers with offenders likely to be fined £1,000. Meanwhile, a staggering 73 percent of road users admit they drive while playing their music too loudly.

A massive 69 percent also revealed they swear or make rude gestures at other drivers whilst behind the wheel.

Another 69 percent revealed they had driven with snow on their roof while 63 percent used their car horn in an aggressive manner.

David Kottaun, Operations Manager at Scrap Car Comparison urged road users to brush up on their road knowledge to avoid being caught out.

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He explained: “No matter if you’ve been driving for decades or have just passed your test, it always pays to have good knowledge of the rules of the road, as they can regularly be changed or updated to better reflect modern driving conditions and protect everyone that is using the roads.

“While certain rules may seem unnecessary or like they won’t ever be policed, it’s never worth testing that theory, as not only could you be putting yourself and other drivers in danger, but you could also run out of luck and end up with an easily avoided penalty.”

A massive 58 percent admitted they had warned other drivers about a speed trap or camera.

A staggering 52 percent of motorists revealed they had used a mobile phone while the ignition was turned off and even driven with frosted windows.

A little-known parking rule, stopping against the direction of traffic, was broken b 51 percent of road users.

Finally, 50 percent also admitted they left their vehicle’s engine running while stationary despite idling laws.

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