In today’s day & age, would you buy the car you currently own?

We have a 2020 Kia Seltos & we’d buy it with our eyes closed, however, we’d pick up a different variant. Perhaps, an AT model this time.

BHPian Emvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

India is a fast-growing automobile market and it has grown exponentially during the last decade or so. These days almost every month we witness multiple launches- facelifts, new variants, new cars. New launches galore sure, but do the vehicles match your requirements / use-case? Now a question that begs to be answered.

If you were to buy a car today, would you have bought the car(s) you currently own, if available or relevant in the present-day market?

Talking of my/our garage:

2020 Kia Seltos Diesel (MT)- YES

We would buy Seltos (even the same colour – white) eyes closed, with a change in variant though. We would have probably opted for AT this time. The car otherwise fits our bill on most counts.

2018 Maruti Alto K10 – NO

NO, because the car is no longer in production. Even if it was in production the answer probably would have been a NO. However, honestly speaking, given our use case, there is a dearth of options as far as the small car segment is concerned.

1968 Mahindra CJ4A- NO

Simply put, this vehicle is irreplaceable for us. However, we wouldn’t purchase a barebones UV today with practicality in mind.

Chip in with your perspectives fellow Bhpians.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

  • 530d: Yes. Absolutely love the fast sedan! 9 years up and still feels fresh, and is loads of fun to drive.
  • Superb L&K: Yes. Love the limousine-like comfort & space.
  • Jeep Classic: No. 25 years up and the love affair continues. Very basic in nature, yet a joy to drive. But too slow & crude. I want to sell it and buy a Thar.
  • Sunny: Great beater car. 10 years and she still drives reasonably well (but not perfect, as it’s used like a beater). But I wouldn’t buy it today. Maybe a Ciaz as a beater now, or an MPV like the Carens.

Regrets which I wouldn’t buy again = C180 (too many problems to list, got a full refund) and Tata Indigo (too many issues to list, wore out prematurely).

Here’s what BHPian sheelapratosh had to say about the matter:

  • 2021 Jeep Compass 4×4 AT : NO. Biggest mistake of the 21 cars I have owned. Worst ever service experience. This company is best suited for the US.
  • 2018 Celerio VXI AMT :Yes. No nonsense beater. No regrets whatsoever. Excellent service experience.
  • 2011 XUV 500 W8 : Yes. Except for some initial issues, this one has never let me down. Good service experience.

Here’s what BHPian padmrajravi had to say about the matter:

  • 2021 Fortuner 4×4 AT – Yes. And the answer will remain the same till a 7-seater 4×4 EV comes into the picture.
  • 2014 Xcent SXO AT – Again, a yes. It has been reliable for me even though CrazyDriver’s Xcent thread worries me. For now, there is nothing in the market that can replace it. I am particular about the smaller footprint and smooth AT. Tigor EV is the closest option I have but I don’t trust the manufacturer enough. So this will continue till a sub 4M EV from Hyundai or Toyota comes into the picture.

Here’s what BHPian avira_tk had to say about the matter:

I have a Sonet – meets my requirements for a diesel, automatic, compact SUV. No other option in the segment and bigger SUVs compromise on features at the price point. Overall, happy with the purchase, and, no sedans now, as ground clearance is non-negotiable for me.

Regarding your own garage, the Alto and Seltos can be replaced or upgraded easily, the bare basic Jeep, however, is hard to replace. The Jeep is useful for those who are in plantation / farming, sad that there isn’t a decent vehicle for the job after the last Thar DI production ended.

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