Ingenious hack to move a car stuck in snow or ice

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Cathy Pedrayes is a content creator who describes herself as “the mom friend of the group.” She shares safety and security tips on her TikTok account including a clever one to get a car unstuck in ice.

Cathy posts her videos to her account @cathypedrayes, where she has 2.5M followers. The content creator suggested: “If your car’s stuck in ice, try this.

“Get the floor mats from your car and put them under the tire that’s slipping for traction.” Cathy demonstrated how she took the floor mat from the driver’s side of her car.

She put it behind her back wheel, where the wheel can get purchased on the tire. Then, when Cathy reversed, her can was able to move backward.

Cathy said: “It can help you get out of the icy spots so that you can drive away. Don’t forget to pick up the mat.

A number of her TikTok followers were very impressed by the cold weather driving a hack. Jamie Egbo said: “Car floor mat sales after this.” Another wrote: “I’m sending this to my mom she will really need this.”

Many commenters shared their own tips as to how to get a car moving when it’s stuck in ice. One added: “If you’re stuck in the slushy type of snow/ice you can use cat litter!”

Tyler Brent Hickman added: “Also cheap bleach in a spray bottle. Used to use to get big my truck’s traction started. Just spray on drive tires.”

Commenter Marlon suggested: “And when you are stuck in the snow, lower the tire pressure.”

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It’s important to make sure you are prepared to drive in cold, snowy, and icy weather, even if you live in a country that is usually mild such as the UK. You never know what could happen and drivers should prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Drivers battling icy and snowy weather should carry a spade or shovel, a torch, an ice scraper, blankets, food, and an extra phone battery charge. If driving on snow-covered roads, Britons can use tyre chains for extra safety.

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What to do if you are stuck in the snow

  • Do not spin your tyres or move the wheels. This can bury you further into the snow.
  • Use a spade or shovel, or whatever you have at hand, to dig the snow away from under the tyers.
  • Put de-icing salt under your tyres, or use a set of traction stacks.
  • If all else fails, call a breakdown service for help.

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