‘It’s upsetting’ Heartbroken father slapped with £65 parking fine while attending funeral

Birmingham resident helps NHS staff with parking charges

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Rob Healy came out of his mother-in-law’s funeral in Paddington, west London to find that he had been fined by Westminster City Council despite having obtained a voucher to park there. He was left “angry” and upset when he saw the ticket especially as the vouchers were displayed on his dashboard.

Mr Healy said: “It’s the last thing you want to see. It was a sad enough day as it was.

“On top of everything else on the day of a funeral to find out you have got a parking ticket really rubs it in. It’s upsetting enough.

“I was angry. It just rubs salt into the wound.”

Mr Healy added that photos taken of his car by council staff show the vouchers were visible when he was fined.

He added: “The voucher is clearly visible in the windscreen… it’s very frustrating.”

Mr Healy’s mother-in-law was born and lived in the area along with many of his family members.

He said they were well aware of the parking restrictions in the area and were shocked when they saw the ticket as they had done all they could to avoid one.

He explained: “My niece came back early about eight o’clock. She called me to say there was a parking ticket on my car. We were very surprised obviously.”

Mr Healy was told he could pay a £65 penalty within the first 14 days of being fined or pay £130 within 28 days.

He said he has appealed the ticket and is waiting for a decision from Westminster City Council.

Raj Mistry, the council’s executive director of environment and the city, said: “The parking ticket was valid as scratch cards are only to be used in visitors’ parking bays and not residents’ bays.

“However, on this occasion discretion has been applied with regards to the PCN, the charge has now been cancelled and is no longer outstanding on our system.”

Late last year research showed that UK councils collect £5,083 every single hour from parking offence penalty charge notices (PCN).

In total, UK councils make £45million per year from parking contraventions from a huge 1.3 million fines dished out.

The data also found that Islington Council makes almost £30,000 per day from an average of 623 parking tickets per day.

This earns the council an estimated £10.8million per year through 227,000 parking offences.

The data, from Rivervale Leasing, was collected using Freedom of Information requests to see the number of PCNs issued for parking offences, plus the amount of income received.
Bud Johnston, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale said: “Never overlook a parking fine, whether it’s from a council or a private company.

“If you feel like your ticket has been issued unfairly, it’s best to go through the proper channels to appeal.

“Research shows that three in five tickets are challenged successfully, so you could have a chance of overturning an incorrect fine.

“However, think very carefully about your appeal and whether it’s worth it. Your fine could double or even triple if you take too long to pay.”

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