Jeep Boss Thinks Ford Bronco Is A Good, Solid Competitor

Consumers win in the end.

Ford designed the Bronco to eat away at the Jeep Wrangler and its grip on the off-road space. The Bronco is finally beginning to reach customers after several lengthy delays, making it much easier to compare to the Wrangler. The new Bronco is keeping the brand on its toes, according to brand boss Christian Meunier. Meunier gave his thoughts about the new off-roader at a recent media round table earlier this month.

Meunier believes the Bronco will be “a good competitor, a solid competitor,” according to The Detroit News, which attended the scrum. The Bronco “forces us to be better and better and better,” he added; however, Jeep isn’t ready to concede any sales to Ford just yet. Meunier wasn’t specific – automakers never are – but he did say that there are many things “in the pipeline” that will guarantee Jeep keeps its “king of the hill position.”

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We saw Jeep respond late last year by introducing the Wrangler Rubicon 392, a 470-horsepower (35-kilowatt) menace on big, chunky wheels; however, it doesn’t look like Jeep needed to add all that power to beat the Bronco in a drag race. Jeep has also opened the order books for the Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package, which adds a lift kit and 35-inch tires. It’s a direct competitor to the Bronco’s Sasquatch Package, and it bests the Ford in off-road specs.

We don’t know what Jeep has planned for the future; however, it sounds like whatever Jeep will do will be a boon for consumers. Electrification is coming, and Jeep has big plans to offer an all-electric version of each model by 2025. The new powertrain tech gives designers and engineers new freedoms in creating vehicles that could see the Wrangler one day be capable of completely submerging itself. Imagine the traffic during that morning commute.


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