Jeep Meridian 4×4 AT: Got fuel efficiency of 6.6 kmpl in city driving

Some folks have mentioned that the fuel efficiency improves after the first couple of services, but I have heard mixed responses on this – time will tell.

BHPian Axe77 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Fuel efficiency: 100% city driving: Heavy bumper to bumper traffic.

Imagine copious amounts of time at Elphinstone signal at Lower Parel – & similar.

The pure in-city fuel efficiency is pretty abysmal at this point. Although I do have a pretty terrible office route which is a combination of some horrid bumper to bumper conditions combined with a short distance – 3-4 kms one way.

I’m getting anywhere around 6.5 kmpl in pure in city driving in the above conditions. Other than the obvious issue of cost, which is not the primary nuisance, what is more annoying is the frequency of petrol bunk visits, which are required in under 300 kms at this range.

In comparison, I hardly recall visiting a fuel bunk before 450 kms in my 3 GT.

One point of note – the readout is shockingly accurate – it showed me 6.6 on the Trip 1 meter (ignore the image below I had reset that a little later than my last top up – the readout under tripmeter showed exactly 6.6, same as what my tankful to tankful calculation threw up.). As you can see, I’ve only been able to make it to about 290 kms as per Trip 1, which is the distance from the last fuel top up. I would really have appreciated better FE and consequently, better tank range. Some folks have mentioned that this improves after the first couple of services but I have heard mixed responses on this – time will tell.

The calculation as per tankful to tankful,

44 litres filled with auto cut method. I filled once the FE indicator showed below 25%.

Ignore the 6.5 km/l readout since I reset ‘this’ FE counter a bit later than my last FE top up. The Trip 1 meter FE data showed exactly 6.6 km/l.

Three key data points here:

  • Bottom right: How much fuel left as per gauge.
  • Top right: Distance travelled (~290 kms).
  • Middle left: Distance to empty (~78 kms).

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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