Learn About Elon Musk's Views On Education

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Posted on EVANNEX on October 18, 2021 by Matt Pressman

Elon Musk believes the current education system could be vastly improved. And it’s not surprising. According to Mairem Del Río at Entrepreneur, Musk didn’t like school as a child. “I hated going to school when I was little, it was torture,” confessed Musk, who was bullied as a child in South Africa. 

And Musk’s views extend to the university experience as well. “I think college is basically a place to have fun and show that you can do your homework, but that’s not for learning,” Musk said in December 2020. With seven children of his own, Musk has decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to Del Río, “Musk has criticized America’s educational system on several occasions, but instead of just making complaints, he got down to business. In 2014, the billionaire announced the creation of Ad Astra, a mysterious disruptive school with its own system, in which his children and only a select few study.”

“Ad Astra, which is Latin for ‘towards the stars’, [remains] totally secretive. Very little is known about this exclusive school, located at the SpaceX facility in California,” notes Del Río. The curriculum is said to include artificial intelligence, applied science, coding, and design.

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