More Gauge and Instrument Panel Upgrades for Older Cars

We’ve already recommended a good dozen gauge kits for owners of all vehicle types looking for the nitty-gritty readouts on their car’s mechanical and electrical systems. But there’s always more.

These gauges include readouts we haven’t covered previously, like rpm shift warnings, and offer some inspiration on replacing entire instrument panels for owners of some older vehicles. Many companies offer kits to upgrade the gauges using a vehicle’s original cutouts, mounting points, and wiring. This list is only a start.

The question, really, is how many gauges you want to see while driving. For those of you who want more, read on.

12 Top-Rated Aftermarket Gauges for Your Ride

Rip out the dash on 1973-1987 GM pickups and install a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel that brand-new GM pickups don’t have. Switch from three gauge layouts and don’t bother hacking your original dash. It drops right in.

Because you don’t have a Lexus with a flashing digital tach or a Ferrari with a flashing steering wheel, this cheap shift light will do the same thing. Alerts for approaching and hitting redline can be adjusted, though cars with electronic ignition systems may require an adapter.

If you’ve got a mid-’90s Chevy Caprice and want the instrument cluster to resemble a microwave, this gauge cluster has you covered.

In a pinch, a GPS speedometer can do the trick since it requires no wiring to your car’s speed sensor or CAN bus. But you’ll still have to install a GPS antenna near a window.

Change the color or replace the burnt-out sections of your analog dashboard’s stock lighting.

After installing aftermarket fuel injectors and throttle bodies, you may want to know your car’s fuel pressure. This gauge will show it in one of seven colors.

So long as your vehicle doesn’t have side curtain airbags and you’re comfortable gluing, cutting, and otherwise potentially marring the finish of your A-pillar, this gauge cluster mount will have you looking like Vin Diesel in no time.

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