My 2023 KTM 390 Adventure: Owning a bike I never thought I would buy

It also comes with spoke wheels which is great for off-roading which I do not intend to do much.

BHPian Rajeevraj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As of 21st October 2023 12 pm, I had barely heard about a bike called the KTM Adventure 390. Exactly 7 days later, almost to the minute, on 28th October 2023, I took delivery of the same bike. The variant depending on whom you ask is either the 2023 KTM Adventure 390 or KTM Adventure Rally Edition or as per the KTM Website – the 2023 KTM Adventure-SW (Spoke Wheel) and the color is Rally Orange-The only color for this variant. For my family and friends who know me well, when I gave this update, they were like: “Typical Rajeev purchase, it is done in the blink of an eye”. This is generally a right inference about me. When I make such a purchase, it means I am totally convinced about it and have no second thoughts. If I am thinking too much, then there is something wrong somewhere and I need to take a step back.

Let me do the short version first. What prompted this chain of events?

  • The Harley and Hero delays with the Harley Davidson X440. From the launch in July to starting test rides only in September, to not preparing the Hero Dealerships in time to not giving any clear picture on actual delivery till mid-October when they finally sent an email saying when my bike will be dispatched. While I finally did get a call this week, telling me the bike had arrived-it was too late. If Harley had delivered even 2-3 weeks back, then the KTM Story would not have happened.
  • A random urge to step into the KTM Showroom after a final TD of the Harley at a Hero next door.
  • The first sight of the Adventure 390 and the realization that KTM had more than Dukes and RC’s
  • The tall imposing nature of the bike was perfect for my height and the seating position I preferred.
  • The first test ride that sealed the deal. The feeling of ‘Yes, this is what I want’. Felt at home from the get-go.
  • Lovely engine is well-loaded with features and is fairly lightweight considering its size. Nice TFT instrument cluster.
  • Very comfortable for the pillion due to its size and length. Important for me.
  • All the expert reviews said it is an allrounder but does not do one single thing extremely well- hence not an easy recommendation. Well, worked for me-I wanted an all-rounder.
  • The ready availability and no-nonsense dealer experience.
  • A little bit of exclusivity as it is not a common choice.

Is it all good? not really

  • I picked up the top variant due to the adjustable suspension. It also comes with spoke wheels which is great for off-roading which I do not intend to do much. Downside of the Spoke Wheels-Comes with Tubed Tyres. So have a nagging worry about a puncture in some random place. Like the DSG worry that is always there with my Vento. But the liking for the adjustable suspension overrode this concern.
  • I will use it a lot in the city. As is well known, KTM’s are happy at higher RPMs and in the City, it is a lot of 1-2-3-2-1 needed. That has not changed with this 2023 edition also. The clutch is light and I am used to this with my Pulsar 200NS. So did not consider this a deal breaker.

Some pictures to close out the intro and the short version.

Getting into the longer version now. The following are the focus areas of this review. I am not a bike expert by any stretch of the imagination and the KTM Adventure has been around for 3 years now. So some of the contents and comments below may look very rudimentary to the experienced folks out there. Still writing it down with the assumption that there are guys like me for whom these details may be useful.

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