Night driving: Need glare protection from highbeam headlights

I have to often drive my Hyundai i10 at night. Facing high beams of oncoming traffic has started to affect my driving.

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I have to drive my i10 at night often and often get bombarded by idiots with headlamps on high beams. While I am able to keep my cool most of the time (and make their high beams dip with my 130W dippers the other times), it has started to affect my driving because:

  • The driving is on the highway
  • I’ve already had Lasik

I’ve been looking for anti-glare/polarised mirrors which can be hung in front of me/pasted on the windshield similar to the HUDs of commercial airliners (just for reference, they’ll cost as much as my car). My only concern is not getting blinded by the high beam idiots and ending up in a roadside ditch.

Can anyone suggest something on similar lines, preferable tried and tested? Spectacle lenses are unlikely since I’m already wearing blue filter spectacle lenses for my extended screen time.

I’ve also gone through the forum with posts from 2012 about UV films but heat protection is not a concern.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

If I may suggest, do try to alter your schedule in a way that you drive on the highway during the day, even if early in the morning. Indian highways are dangerous beasts & your i10 isn’t the safest car either. I have almost completely eliminated highway driving at night. Day driving is far safer from the visibility + driving environment point of views.

Here’s my safe night driving article.

Here’s what BHPian Rachit.K.Dogra had to say about the matter:

I have faced this issue while night driving as well. There is a good product review and discussion on the same subject on this thread. Hope it helps!

Here’s what BHPian AdityaDeane had to say about the matter:

I haven’t used it, but this seems like a product you can try out. Isn’t very costly, and if it fulfils your use case, it’ll make me happy that I could suggest something worthwhile for a fellow BHP-ian.


Moreover, it’s got both a Day and Night Mirror to reduce sun glare and vehicular light glare.

Note: All images are screenshots from Amazon.

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say about the matter:

First up – drive slowly.

Keep your electrical system in good shape, headlights aligned and in good working order, windscreen as clean as it can be – that is it.

Avoid getting into a headlight battle, UV and truck drivers are least bothered, but at the same time they have certain other tricks up their sleeve when irritated, it won’t end well for you.

And finally, different people have different sensitivity towards bright lights as well as vision at the night. Focus on where you are going rather than vehicles from the opposite side.

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