Peculiar issue with my GLC 220d’s MBUX unit: Waiting for a replacement

The car I love the most turned out to be a “lemon” in terms of the tech that’s packed within it.

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Hello all,

Is anyone facing issues with the MBUX system in the facelifted GLC 220d?

Mine is a 2020 model manufactured in June. Everything was fine until 1-month post-delivery. The MBUX system hangs up for an indefinite amount of time and freezes with “Mercedes Benz” on the screen. It won’t respond to any of the buttons on the central console or the steering wheel.

I did try stopping the car and switching off the ignition to restart it. It did the trick on most occasions but the problem keeps recurring often.

My service station did the necessary checks after having raised the issue and it worked fine for them whilst my GLC was in for its 1st service.

I did a google search and managed to find a hack to restart the MBUX by pressing and holding the ”RADIO & *” buttons on the central console. It’s doing the trick for now but occasionally the issue does crop up.

Yet to come up with a solution from my dealer.

A quick update on this issue: This kept happening very frequently in recent times. The reverse cam, drive modes, audio, and safety assist systems won’t work during this time. It’s like a windows PC hanging up and then nothing works until you press the CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons to force restart.

The service head said that it’s a peculiar “one-off” issue that they’ve never come across before. After discussion with the Mercedes service team online they then decided to replace the hard disk drive of my car’s MBUX unit.

But to my agony, it failed to work and now the service head has suggested replacing the entire MBUX control head unit (thankfully under warranty)

The part in question isn’t readily available in Chakan, Pune. They’ve placed an order from MB HQ in Germany.

This according to them might take a month at least to arrive and as of now, they don’t have an ETA for that part.

Meanwhile, I did escalate the issue to MB customer care HQ including Mr Santosh Iyer in the loop (sales and marketing head) following which the local service head was kind enough to offer me a brand new GLC as a courtesy car in the interim.

Seems after spending Rs 70 lakhs on a brand that you would bet to provide excellent service and backup in times of need, the car I love the most turned out to be a “lemon” in terms of the tech that’s packed within it.

Too much tech, is it a boon or bane? Only time will have to tell as my agony continues. Will keep you all updated as and when anything happens.

Fingers crossed

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