Proton sets up new regional parts centre in Kuching to serve East Malaysia – 3x bigger, faster accident repairs –

Proton is setting up a new regional parts centre (RPC) in Kuching, Sarawak to cater to the growing demand from an increased customer base in East Malaysia. The 28,000 sq.ft facility has more than three times the storage capacity of its predecessor and will function as a parts distribution centre for both Sabah and Sarawak.

“Proton is pleased to announce our new RPC in Kuching is nearing completion. It is designed to cater to the needs of our dealers and their customers in East Malaysia and reduce the waiting time for parts in a region where logistics can be challenging. Once completed, we will have the ability to hold up to three months of stock and can even receive direct shipments of parts from overseas vendors,” said Proton deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah.

Aside from the increased space, the new RPC will also be able to store up to six containers, enabling it to receive multiple orders concurrently. The ability to handle increased throughput reduces the time it takes to process and deliver orders to outlets.

The new RPC improves the back end, but it will also have direct benefit for customers. “We expect to see a significant improvement in waiting time for accident repairs. In addition to the three months of stocks held at the RPC, our dealers are also required to have three months maintenance parts stock,” Roslan said.

“This is an example of Proton’s efforts to continuously improve after sales service to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We understand many may be wary, but I would like to reassure both current and future owners, parts are available for your new Proton,” he added.

Proton says that its sales in East Malaysia have “improved progressively” since 2019, following the launch of the X70 in December 2018. EM sales increased by 120% from 2018 to 2021, and with healthy bookings in 2022, the company is expecting a further 20% growth in year-on-year sales.

“For East Malaysian car buyers, the Saga remains as our most popular model, followed by the X50. Last year, we sold 8,692 units of the Saga and 2,934 units of the X50, and based on the current booking trend, we forecast sales to exceed 10,000 and 4,200 units respectively,” Roslan added.

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