Replaced my Amaze diesel with a Seltos GTX+ turbo-petrol: Good & bad

The Bose music system worked well, though not expecting much. It will be only used when I am driving alone.

BHPian cos2bh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So I went ahead for a TD on a GTX+ Petrol (Turbo) and loved it. Booked it. My current ride is Honda Amaze SMT Diesel, which has run over 1.5 lakh km in just about 10 years (Will be 10 years on November 1st 2023). Unfortunately, NCR rules do not allow me to keep it beyond 10 years.


  • Exterior looks – Awesome.
  • Quality of Interiors – Just Great.
  • Electric seat adjustment. Superb!!! Though I wish there was a memory option on seats.
  • Paddle shifters were pure joy. There is absolutely no Gear Lag. D4,5,6 are fun while playing with those shifters.
  • Slick infotainment system. The screen is the cleanest implementation in sub 20L range.
  • ADAS looked great with special mention to the turn cameras.


  • The ride quality on those 18-inches seemed a bit stiff. TPMS in the test drive car showed 38 psi all around. SA said the tyres coming on GTX+ were either Bridgestone or Goodyear – not sure which is better. Do I need to change it in future? My current running is not much, mostly city driving and once a quarter outstations (read highways)
  • I didn’t like the colour choice for GTX+ per se. Black roof with black seats that look nice to me, but the sage greens from X-Line would have been better.
  • Kia should have kept the HUD in the GTX which I will sorely miss.
  • The Bose music system worked well – though not expecting much. It will be only used when I am driving alone. If I have my Mom in the car, then it will not be used. Bluetooth connectivity was seamless for me (at least) – hope the new car will have the same.


A question for the GTX+ owners (facelift) – is there any accessory available with the car during delivery or only the ones which I chose before delivery? The SA was not quite helpful here in explaining what accessories will come with the vehicle.

Here’s what BHPian ssoni.1411 had to say on the matter:

All the accessories that you choose before delivery are fitted and given. I guess some accessories like cushions or perfume can be bought at the dealership during delivery otherwise rest are fitted earlier

In GTX+ mud flaps and sill plates with the Seltos logo are already fitted and you need not pay for them.

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