Tesla FSD 10.2 Doesn’t Instil Confidence Driving Through Detroit

Tesla is slowly improving its Full Self-Driving system, but even in its latest version, it still seems nowhere near ready to come out of beta. In this video from Detroit, shot aboard a Model 3 running FSD version 10.2, the vehicle doesn’t really seem all that smooth or sure of itself, and it often requires input on the go pedal to keep going.

The driver even has to take control of the wheel a few times because the car won’t go around certain obstacles. For instance, at one point in the video, uploaded by Detroit Tesla, the vehicle needs to go around a truck that’s blocking its lane and in order to do that it needs to briefly go in the oncoming lane.

However, even though the FSD display shows the vehicle is considering the route around the truck, it never actually goes around, even after the point when the oncoming lane was completely free. It’s encouraging to see the vehicle was considering the option to go around, but in the end it didn’t and the driver had to take over.

Another instance when the system behaved less than ideally was when it steered the vehicle onto a narrow and bumpy alley, veering away from the planned route. It then stopped on its own when it was trying to make a left turn on a one-way street where only a right was permitted – the driver again had to make the right turn himself, but then the vehicle figured out the route and started driving itself quite well.

FSD Version 10.2 is the first public beta available to a wider audience, currently only drivers with a near perfect safety score. This version was touted as being a big step forward for FSD, but based on all the videos showing it in action, it just looks like another incrementally better iteration.

Source:Detroit Tesla / YouTube

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