Tesla Model X Plaid Seen For The First Time

Let’s check the first two videos of the brand new, refreshed, red Model X.

Here we have two first very short videos with the refreshed Model X – probably the Plaid version.

The car has a yoke steering wheel, new displays (instrument cluster, vertical infotainment screen and the all-new rear screen), 20” Cyberstream Wheels, and plenty of other minor changes.

We must admit that the new red Model X, with the black elements (previously silver/chrome) looks very good. It probably will look even better with the 22” Turbine Wheels, but they affect range a little bit (and comfort as it usually is with bigger wheels).

Anyway, since the Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries are just around the corner, we are eager to see some more videos also about the upcoming Model X, which is expected to follow a few months after the Model S.


Model X specs and prices:

Model Drive Battery
2021 Tesla Model X Long Range (AWD) 20″ AWD 100* 360 mi*
(579 km)
3.8 155 mph
(249 km/h)
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid 20″ AWD 100* 340 mi*
(547 km)
2.5 163 mph
(262 km/h)
Model Base Price Dest. Charge Tax Credit Effective Price
2021 Tesla Model X Long Range (AWD) 20″ $89,990 +$1,200 N/A $91,190
2021 Tesla Model X Plaid 20″ $119,990 +$1,200 N/A $121,190

Estimated delivery for new orders in the U.S.:

Model S:

  • Long Range: September-October (up from August-September)
  • Plaid: August-September (up from June-July)
  • Plaid+: Mid 2022 (no change)

Initially, it was: 4-11 weeks (Plaid+ in Late 2021), then moved to 10-14 weeks (Plaid+ in Mid-2022) in April and August-September.

Model X:

  • Long Range: January-February (up from October-November)
  • Plaid: January-February (up from October-November)

Initially, it was: May-June 2021.

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