Tesla Renews Contract With Battery Scientist Jeff Dahn And His Team

Dahn has advanced lithium-ion battery knowledge and he and his team have been working for Tesla for the last five years.

Tesla enlisted the help of Jeff Dahn, a battery scientist from Canada, back in 2016, because he is considered a pioneer of lithium-ion battery cells. He and his team have undeniably helped the American automaker improve its battery cell technology over the years, but their contract was set to expire in 2021.

Well, now Tesla has not only renewed Dahn’s contract for another five years, but it has also appointed him as the head of its Advanced Battery Research division operating in Canada. He and his team will continue to work for Tesla now, and with their help, the electric car manufacturer will hope to maintain its lead in the field of automotive batteries.

Over the past five years, thanks to Dahn’s research, Tesla has filed several battery tech patents of varying importance. He is the one who announced they were close to creating the battery cell that could last for one million miles – back when the announcement was made, Elon Musk explained that pretty much all components of a Tesla can last for one million miles, with the exception of the battery pack, but that this breakthrough would change that.

Dahn is employed by the Dalhousie University, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so it’s actually the university that’s Tesla’s direct partner in this battery research project. Under this new contract, he will keep his position on the chair of Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.


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