Urgent warning issued to diesel car owners in the UK amid law change

Diesel drivers are being ‘ripped off’ says Fair Fuel UK

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A change in Government policy combined with the soaring cost of fuel and cost of living crisis could drive diesel thefts across the country, according to a leading UK security firm.

Kingdom Systems is warning motorists who purchase diesel to only buy from reputable places such as a fuel station over fears thieves may be benefiting from recent changes to red diesel laws.

Ministers have stopped offering red diesel to certain sectors, such as construction.

This shift in Government policy, coupled with the rise in fuel prices in recent weeks, could lead to a tipping point where thieves look for tanks located away from fuel forecourts to steal from.

Red diesel is practically the same as diesel except it has red dye in it.

It was offered to certain sectors by the Government to support them and help stimulate their economies.

But the number of companies, groups and organisations who are able to access red diesel has now been slashed to meet new environmental strategies, BirminghamLive reported.

Only certain industries, from April 1, 2022, including agriculture and rail, are still permitted to use red diesel.

Because the red dye element has now been phased out for many, there is growing concern thieves will know this and the stolen diesel won’t be as easily traced.

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Craig Walton, Director at Kingdom Systems, said: “As ministers have now dropped plans to offer red diesel to construction sites and others, we’re worried it could lead to a tipping point where thieves now target these places knowing their gains will largely be untraceable. And this concerns us.

“We would urge all industries who have changed to diesel to be watching their tanks and supplies over the coming months to make sure thieves are not benefitting.

“It’s imperative to be monitoring over the coming months as watching stocks and supplies will be crucial.

“Motorists, meanwhile, need to make sure they’re purchasing from reputable outlets, as they could be helping the criminals by buying elsewhere.”

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A spokesman for the Home Office has since told BirminghamLive: “The Home Office does not anticipate reforms leading to fuel theft at scale but will work closely with policing partners to monitor the situation.

“Fuel users storing diesel in tanks or in vehicles and machinery on their site should continue to take steps to ensure this is stored securely.”

The prices of petrol and diesel have had a huge impact on British motorists in recent months.

And, while the prices are slowly dropping, motorists across the country can still expect to fork out big sums of money.

According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, the prices are expected to drop even further in the coming weeks.

However, as it stands, the prices of unleaded remains at 174.79p per litre on average.

The situation is even worse for diesel car owners who can expect to fork out 185.40p per litre.

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