Vehicle retail sales down by 3% in March 2022

Total vehicle sales during the fiscal increased by 7.21% to 1,63,75,799 units.

According to the data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), vehicle retail sales declined by 3% in March 2022, compared to the same month last year.

Overall sales for the month of March 2022 stood at 16,19,181 units, compared to 16,66,996 units in March 2021. However, compared to March 2020, when 23,12,868 units were sold, total vehicle retails have fallen by 29.99%.

Tractor sales dropped by 8.16% from 69,602 units in March 2021 to 63,920 units.

Two-wheeler sales declined by 4.02% to 11,57,681 units from 12,06,191 units in March 2021.

Three-wheeler sales were up by 26.61% in March 2022. 48,284 units were sold compared to 38,135 units in March 2021.

Passenger vehicle sales dropped by 4.87% compared to the previous year. 2,71,358 units were sold last month compared to 2,85,2407 units in March 2021.

Commercial vehicle sales increased by 14.91%. 77,938 units were sold in March 2022 compared to 67,828 units in the previous year.

Vehicle retail data for FY2022

FADA has also released vehicle retail sales data for FY2022. Total vehicle sales during the fiscal increased by 7.21% to 1,63,75,799 units.

Except for the tractor segment, all other segments registered healthy growth. Passenger vehicle sales were up by 14.16%, while 2-wheeler sales increased by 3.81% compared to the previous fiscal. The CV and 3-wheeler segments registered a sales growth of 45.13% and 50.32% respectively.

Team-BHP’s detailed analysis of the March 2022 sales figures.

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