Volkswagen Enters Modified ID4 AWD Pro EV in Rebelle Rally

We’ve already seen Rebelle Rally—the all-women rally that takes place in Nevada and California—official manufacturer entrants from several brands. Volkswagen joins the crew with not a Tiguan or an Atlas, but the new ID4 AWD Pro electric SUV.

While Volkswagen is no stranger to off-road rallies, this is the first Rebelle Rally the company has participated in. Luckily the company has had previous experience turning the ID4 into a NORRA Mexican 1000 competitor earlier this year.

And the company is turning to two specialists who helped with that effort—Tanner Foust Racing and Rhys Millen Racing—to transform the stock SUV into an off-road capable machine. The modifications include tubular control arms, skid plates, battery pack armor, and Yokohama Geolandar A/T tires—none of which you should expect to find in your dealer accessory catalog.

The powertrain’s unchanged, from its 82 kWh battery pack to its two motors’ combined peak output of 295 hp and 339 lb-ft of torque. But its 249 miles of EPA-rated range is likely to fall a bit as it tears up the Rebelle Rally course. At the wheel will be Mercedes Lilienthal and Emily Winslow, previous participants in the rally. The rally takes place from October 7-16, 2021.

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