Volkswagen Taigun 1.5L DSG: Maintenance schedule & service costs

I have documented the parts & labour that would be charged at each yearly service interval.

BHPian Newtown recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Time to decide on service and maintenance

5,500 km + and a decision needed to be taken on the soon to start maintenance. The 7,500 km oil change notification started making an appearance some kilometres back.

From a VW India perspective this is termed as the 2nd inspection service where they will:

  • Go through a sheet of checks
  • Reset the oil change notification
  • Check for any updates & service bulletins
  • Wash the car

With some tinkering around, I managed to get into the service menu. This video shows how to get to it and the options available within the service menu. This I would assume would work for the 1.0 TSI with a digital cockpit as well.

From the VW India website, I documented the parts & labour that would be charged at each yearly service interval. The cost has also been put into the table below for each yearly service that includes GST. On comparing the total individual yearly service cost for 4 years, the service package on offer works out to about Rs. 8,600 lighter on your wallet.

I walked into the VW Downtown service centre after many years to check the facility and how it is operated. Not much has changed and looks almost the same as I had seen it years back.

Found this innovative chandelier at the service centre made with discarded spark plugs and a cycle tyre. Ingenious!

Over the 6 1/2 months of ownership, I have formed a cleaning regime that I shall post on in a future update. But for some perspective for those of us Mumbaikars who park their cars on the road, this is the state of my car cover. Although I have another cover as well, this one is lighter and way more convenient. I have time and again requested VW Downtown to sell me another cover. Each time their response has been that their accessories are sold bundled and the cover cannot be sold separately. I find this quite ridiculous and laughable.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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