Watch Every Car Commercial From Super Bowl LVII, 2023’s Big Game

It’s that time of year again. Depending on where you live, the weather is likely cold, snowy, icy, wet, or some combination of all of the above. If you live someplace warm and sunny, well, good for you. Regardless, Americans everywhere will be tuning in this weekend to the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. And you know what that means: Commercials.

This being MotorTrend and not Potato Chip Weekly, we’re most looking forward to the Big Game’s car ads. We bet you are, too. So, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve collated every notable car commercial from Super Bowl LVII here. Some will be released ahead of the game, and we will add videos as they arrive, starting with GM’s Netflix deal and Kia’s weird binky teaser campaign.

Why Not an EV? | GM + Netflix

Here’s a meta concept: A commercial about product placement! General Motors is partnering with Netflix in a deal that will see electric GM products embedded—where appropriate, of course—in the streaming service’s programming. For the Super Bowl, GM is touting the upcoming roles for its EVs in Netflix shows and movies using Will Ferrell, as he poses the question “why not an EV?” as he cosplays through various scenes familiar to most any Netflix watcher, including Squid Game, Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and more. We have no idea how a modern EV might fit into period pieces such as Bridgerton, a sexy take on 19th-century upper-class English life, or Stranger Things, which takes place in the 1980s, but we bet Netflix and GM will find a way.

Bridgerton, Squid Game, Army of the Dead | GM + Netflix

A series of shorter, 10- to 15-second extensions of the GM/Netflix tie-up above will also be available on YouTube. All of them feature Will Ferrell inserted into Netflix series. In “Mask,” above, Ferrell sits in the back of an electric Blazer with a masked driver at the wheel. The scene is stolen from Netflix’s hit Squid Game series, mimicking the late-night, drugged kidnappings of the game’s participants on South Korean streets. Only it has a lighter, more ad-friendly tone here, of course…

In “Perfect,” there’s the Queer Eye tie-in, and then …

The “Directions” spot, harkening to Netflix’s Army of the Dead.

And, finally, the inevitable Bridgerton cameo:

TBD | Jeep

All we know about the Jeep commercial is that it will be a 60-second spot and air at the two-minute warning in the second quarter.

Binky | Kia

So far, Kia has shown only a teaser of the spot it plans to run on Super Bowl Sunday depicting a binky—a child’s pacifier—and nothing else. Another press release from Kia indicates a (likely tongue-in-cheek) campaign to add a “binky emoji” to the zeitgeist, so whatever it’s planning on showing has something to do with babies, pacification, or both. Or a car.

TBD | Ram Trucks

Just as fellow Stellantis brand Jeep is keeping its Super Bowl ad plans under wraps, so, too, is Ram. We likewise only know the timing and duration of the expected Ram commercial: A 60-second advertisement due at the opening of the fourth quarter.

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