Dua Lipa just shared the 5 yoga poses that help her stay grounded

These days, it’s easy to let the chaos of everyday life leave you feeling a little lost, and it turns out that pop stars often feel the same way. Dua Lipa has shared how she uses these five yoga poses to stay grounded. 

Every now and then, we can all feel a little out of control. With our jobs, social lives, fitness routines and chores to stay on top of, life can get pretty hectic. Sometimes, what we need more than anything is to take a step back and reset. Some of us use meditation or yoga, while others opt for a spa day.

For pop stars like Dua Lipa, the fundamental principle is, surprisingly, the same. In a recent edition of her newsletter, Service 95, the singer said that when she feels that things are getting a little out of control, she uses yoga to ground herself. “I’m especially grateful to my life-changing yoga instructor Annie Landa, who has helped keep me strong, grounded and focused these past few months,” she wrote. “This has never felt more necessary than in these increasingly turbulent times, something that’s occupying all our thoughts.”

She went on to share her five favourite poses for staying grounded. She wrote, “[They] have got me through some really intense pre and post-show days — I hope they bring you the same peace I’ve found in them.”

You could say, one pose is all it takes — or sometimes, five poses.

Downward facing dog

This is one of those yoga poses you’ll probably come across in every single yoga class. You may hear the teacher call it a ‘resting pose’ or ‘home base’, and that’s because it can become a familiar, almost instinctive place for your body to reconnect with a calmer energy.

“I love starting my day with one of these,” Dua wrote. “It’s the best indicator to realise how my body is feeling; whenever I feel my heels on the ground, I know my body is loose and ready.”

Pigeon pose

“Our hips store so much stagnant energy, and breathing into a pigeon is the best release for all that tension,” she wrote.

Hip-opening stretches are a great stress reliever, plus they’re great for just about everyone. For a dancer, like Dua, these stretches help to keep her flexible and free from injury. However, this stretch is also a must-try for desk workers who lead more sedentary lives, too.

Simple spine twist

“A day and night ritual for me,” she wrote. “Often my lower back will crack a bit in this pose, and it just feels so good to let it all out.”

Try doing this “full 180” pose to work out the kinks in your spine and feel a little more open.

Happy baby

“I guess babies have it all figured out! This is my favourite passive hip opener, I could sway side to side in this pose all day,” wrote Dua.

This pose won’t only bring out your childish side, it’s also a great dynamic move that improves mobility.


Getting upside down is a wonderful way to ground yourself when your brain is all over the place.

“A core-strengthening exercise I do every day,” she wrote. “Inverting myself also does it for my mind; it gives me both a literal and metaphorical different perspective to life, bringing it full cycle as I work on my strength, balance and focus.”

Do you feel like life has left you levitating? Try Dua’s favourite grounding yoga poses to bring your mind and body back down to earth.

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