For arms, back and chest: 10 minutes upper body Workout by Pamela Mature

Fitness-Queen Pamela Mature, especially for their tight Abs and Booty Workouts known. But to belong to a holistic approach to Training the other muscles in the upper body, of course, off of the abdomen.

In order to give their Fans also, for these parts of the body new sporty Input, ab consists of Pam’s latest Training exactly on these muscle groups.

That means: Ten minutes of full throttle and back, arms and shoulders and chest properly shake.

Crisp Exercises without Weights

For the Motivation to the Pam has taken care of the whole Workout was a dream Harbor recorded a backdrop to Ibiza.

Another plus point is that you need no special Equipment, you can workout anywhere fast drag-and don’t have to travel to the gym.

And so it goes: Each of the Exercises is performed for 30 seconds. Since no breaks are included, it is said, the ten minutes strict pull it off.

To “train the upper body without any additional Weights, is not so simple,” explains Pam under the Video. “And since we can’t do 1000 pushups, we need to be at the upper body-Workout a little more creative.”

Whether you call for the ten minutes and really, find out you best by you once tough pull. So grab your exercise Mat and something to drink – then it can start already. Give it your all!

1. Exercises with the pushup position

In the short time really everything from the Workout to get, starts Pam rock hard with Push Up variations and other Exercises, thanks to the pushup position, especially on the chest muscles.

  • Push Up Rotation
  • Push Up Knees Full
  • Inchworm
  • Dolphin Hold

During the execution of the pushups, it is important to pay attention to the correct positioning of the arms and hands. This should be directly under the shoulders.

The preserves also, keep your head in extension of your back and don’t look to the front of the cervical vertebrae.

2. Shoulder Toning

Even without additional Weights on the next Exercises will challenge your upper arms and especially the shoulders – with the time to Hold and Move your arms a bit exhausting.

  • Arms Up Back
  • Arms Up Front
  • Arm Opener
  • Slow Up-Down
  • Wacky Bird

If you should not be the Whole thing, but still exhausting enough, you can also use two filled bottles, in order to have a small resistance.

3. The triceps work

Now that your shoulders had to work the next two Exercises focus on your triceps muscles.

  • Triceps Bows (on the knees)
  • Triceps Push Ups

The beauty of this is that your body below the middle of the high-voltage must be set. Your Abs are so trained to automatically. As well as the beginning in head, just hold on.

4. For a strong back

A holistic upper body workout, of course, the back wants to be trained. The next three Exercises may remedy the situation.

  • Superman
  • Hold Arm Reach Out
  • Rotation Reach Out

In particular, the large trapezius muscle is trained, which runs from the neck to the spine to the spinal erectors. The latter would also be good fat.

5. Shoulder Toning

And because the Shaking did with the poor so much fun, here are four Exercises that make your shoulders again and work.

  • Flappy Bird
  • Wacky Bird
  • Quick Front Back
  • Little Side Punches

Give it your all once again, because of the explosive movements, not only on the arms, your abdominal muscles will be addressed. These are the up – and – down and Front – and back movements tense.

6. Faster Finisher

Only two Exercises, then you’ve made it! Although a few stressful minutes behind you, this is no reason to make limp – give in to everything again.

  • Up & Down Plank
  • Dolphin Hold

With the Up and Down Planks Pam is once again full throttle and makes the whole torso one last Time hard work. The Dolphin Hold is very relaxing and stretches your back and legs gorgeous.

Then you have survived the ten minutes already.

Cornelia Bertram

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