Moving the height of summer: 5 things you can do in August

August is high summer, which means water, sun, beach, soft drinks, ice cream and a lot of time in the fresh air.

The good weather also has plenty of Power and Motivation, in August to hit the ground running.

Also this month, FIT FOR FUN has set-publisher Dr. Christine Theiss five goals to reach and you can join in.

In the case of the projects it is curious, but this time not only to health and Sport, but also to cats and shooting stars? Then get a pen and paper and write down your personal To-Do list for August.

1. Tight Legs

The focus of your Workouts, Dr. Christine Theiss has placed in the last few weeks, especially on the arms, torso and trunk, the legs are a little too short. That should change in August: in addition to Jogging Exercises, such as Lunges and different Squat variations may not be missing.

Who is similar to who can jump the Leg Day by the way, wonderful to the Free route, on high rocks, sticks and stones as a weight use according to desire, mood and weather.

2. The sea make it to the Gym

August is for many – in spite of the Corona – the most important trip of the month. Dr. Christine Theiss drives, like every year, again to the North sea.

The perfect opportunity to swim again – just in the sea instead of in a swimming pool. Not only for Christine Theiss, the walks in the holiday or else more or ride a bike, this is a very special training session.

So off to the cool Wet and very playful still get in shape.

3. Make a wish

During the Persian what is going on in August very nice at All. Every night, you can spot up to 100 shooting stars.

In the night of 12. August 13. August, the most shooting stars in the sky, but also on the surrounding days, unusual for many to see. Just grab a couple of Snacks, something to drink and a blanket – the perfect project for a cloud-free evening.

Dr. Theiss’s personal record is 34 shooting stars in an hour – can you outdo him?

Just a Green place, a dark place you cuddle up and don’t forget: a Wish!

4. More often with Quinoa cooking

Quinoa has been developed in the last years, caused a stir, the pseudo cereal is a welcome change to rice and other side dishes.

One more reason to go in August on the culinary new ways to cook more often with Quinoa.

The grain is wonderfully versatile: Bowls, salad or as a filling in vegetables – everything is possible, everything is delicious. The colorful Superfood is, in every dish a real eye-catcher and gluten-free.

5. International day of the cat

An important day for all cat owners: of The 8. August is the international day of the cat. Whether large, small, young, old, red, black – you are loved.

In Germany there are over 14 million cats. Because it totally seems justified to devote a separate day.

So take a little time to take care of your cat, to pet, to feed it with its favorite food or to give her a new toy.

Paula Kramer

*The contribution of “Moving the height of summer: 5 things you can do in August” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.