Rebel Wilson Doing Squats With A Wombat Is All The Workout Motivation We Needed

Like the actress and comedian that she is, Rebel Wilson manages to find the funny in almost all situations, whether it’s a red-carpet event or tough AF sweat session.

Just check out this video she shared at Sydney Zoo yesterday. While acting as ‘testers’ for the new Meerkat and Red Panda Encounters, the 40-year-old and her trainer Jono Castanoacero snuck in a few weighted squats. Obviously, there were no dumbbells around, so she picked up a wombat instead (coz, lols).

“I’m doing 15-kilo squats,” she says in the clip, before smashing out 12 reps while holding the mammal around its middle.  

Side note: this was done under the supervision of a professional animal handler (as per the caption on her “wombat workout” post.)

Watch Rebel Wilson Smash Out Squats While Holding A Wombat…

This isn’t the first time Rebel’s updated her 8 mil followers on how her ‘Year of Health’ is going. Quick recap: she wants to get down to 75kgs by the end of 2020.

Just last month she posted about how she’d been “crushing” weekend exercise and even shared footage of her running 30 laps of the Oprah House stairs.

Wombat or no wombat, whatever you’re doing is working Rebel!

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