Sustainably lose weight: These diets are particularly popular for losing weight

In order to lose weight, a calorie deficit is crucial, so you must consume more calories than you take on the diet.

A Combination of workouts and a customized diet, therefore, is the key to success in losing weight.

There are many approaches and diets that are designed in part to short-term, quick success. To avoid the yo-yo effect, but it is sensible to focus on a long-term change in Diet.

What is the diet of the German forms use most often, shows a Civey survey, in cooperation with FIT FOR FUN.

The survey 5.004 persons in the survey period took part from the 14.07.2020 to 17.07.2020.

Pragmatic approaches in losing weight

Stars and starlets like to have time with cryptic diet name in order to have the dream character helped.

The majority of Germans seems to be to impress the however, little. You should go to a more classic, to lose weight, and put on the most common is to simply eat less – closely followed and not less pragmatic of “eating less and exercising more”.

Interval fasting is on the rise

Apart from the favorite strategy to eat less and to exercise more, have done it, but at least two of trendy food concepts, to draw the attention of the Germans themselves.

Nearly 20 percent of the respondents said, for example, to have been in the interval fasting a try.

In this diet, which is not only slimmer, but also healthier, and you eat only in a certain window of time, the Rest of the time you are fasting.

By default, the Essfenster is set to eight hours, while the body anschließend16 hours to take care of the digestion and the immune system.

This concept seems to have the Germans, at least, curious.

17 percent of the respondents have to be reduced also tried already the Low-Carb diet, in carbs, significant, instead, protein-rich, available food in the focus.

Women are more likely to diet than men

Other dietary approaches have not been able to convince the Germans yet.

Paleo, stone age diet, have tried, for example, just 1 percent of respondents, for men, there are not even a percent (0.9 %).

Generally speaking, men seem to be less passionate when it comes to losing weight – more than half of the men has ever tried no diet.

Of the respondents, women can claim only 30 percent of.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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