#Transformation Tuesday: – 70 Pounds! Now Lisa can wear dresses of their Girlfriends

If your Girlfriends the night before a party and each other’s wardrobes crawled to create cool new Looks, could Lisa Allison watch.

Because, to slip into the clothes of her Friends, was for them due to their weight simply not possible.

It takes 20 years to you happens in the closet of your girlfriend on a beautiful green dress.

And although she thinks it is actually better to try it in spite of all the reservations: It is size M and fits perfectly.

How did Lisa lose weight as much?

To stigmatized from Childhood

Of course, Lisa Allison’s weight loss did not come overnight – even quite the contrary.

But there are moments such as that described, if it fits plötzlch in a piece of clothing that you earlier only could dream of, in which Lisa scales from the eyes fall, how much she has actually done.

Your environment and a large number of followers on Instagram this is, however, far from clear. After all, over 90,000 Fans follow, as the American struggles in an honest way in order to your weight.

“My weight was a lifelong struggle,” says the brunette with the iron will.

“Eight years ago I was diagnosed with after the first unexplained weight gain and lethargy hypothyroidism. From this point on, I was the typical chubby kid, and that has, unfortunately, shaped my self image and my identity.”

Even as a child and teenager, she tried, therefore, to various Crash diets, not only as soon as possible successes on the scale, but also in terms of their self-consciousness there.

But in the long term, not help her. In the end, she takes the yo-yo effect even every Time even more.

Promise to yourself

As adults, Lisa of your obesity would like to back again to body and to your complete diet.

You don’t start to track only your macro nutrients and calories, but in addition, almost 15 Times in the Weight Watchers program.

“Every Time I quit, I gained a little more than before (…) It was a discouraging, depressing cycle that has cost me thousands of dollars and my joy in life,” she says in retrospect of the hard time that she’s been through.

Nevertheless, she does not give up and, finally, in December 2015, to take a last shot and not give up until your efforts bear fruit.

After 2.5 years, the impossible done, then, is: Almost 70 kilos of it has been removed from its own power, and by the way, a completely new respect for your own body.

Formerly chubby, today, Coach

Her strong will comes to you even today benefit from. To stay not only to maintain in shape, but also to other those wanting to lose weight to motivate.

Meanwhile, Lisa is working as a Coach and offers courses both for groups and for individuals.

“My Mission is to give hope, to provide support and take the Hand of those who are struggling and to show them the way out of the darkness of food addiction and obesity” , it proclaims on its Website.

And that this can really succeed, is the living proof.

For more reality on Instagram, also when Removing

Above all, your authenticity in your students and followers well.

Because Lisa is not staged as an almost unattainable Ideal in the fight against the own pounds, but as a realistic campaigner – not only when it comes to living habits revamp, but also in terms of more Body Positivity.

So you photographed, for example, on the beach also changes to down, to back to the stretch marks on your bare abdomen in focus.

Love worthy of a cheeky way, you commented on this:

“Just me and my stretch marks, together, enjoying life.”

A clear Statement for more self-acceptance, calling to see your stretch marks less as a flaw but rather as the trophies of our own decreasing success to the Lisa Allison can be very proud of.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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