Call the Colorado COVID-19 vaccine lottery hotline

Coloradans unable to find information about their COVID-19 vaccine history in the state’s immunization database can now call a state hotline to find out if they are eligible for the $1 million prizes being offered to people inoculated against the coronavirus.

The state is giving away $5 million in prizes to five winners — $1 million each — to incentivize more people to get COVID-19 vaccines. People don’t have to sign up for the drawings, which are based on the state’s vaccination database.

A health care worker from Weld County won the first $1 million prize last week and Colorado plans to announce a second winner on Friday.

However, not everyone has been able to find their records in the Colorado Immunization Information System database. This can happen if the information was entered differently by their vaccine provider. Now, people can call the hotline at 1-877-268-2926 for help, according to the state health department.

So far, the COVID-19 vaccine lottery has not yet spurred significantly more people to get inoculated against the virus. However, state officials hope that will change as winners are announced.

Almost 5.9 million COVID-19 doses have been entered into the Colorado Immunization Information System database. Winners must be 18 years or older. They will be chosen via a drawing run by the Colorado Lottery.

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