New Brunswick to provide update on COVID-19 Monday

Officials are set to give an update on New Brunswick’s COVID-19 response after the first weekend of the second phase of the province’s recovery plan.

Some businesses were able to open over the weekend, but others have been critical of the lack of guidance given by the province prior to Friday’s announcement.

“We would have really like to have had an additional week to be prepared and as you talk to most of the restaurants, they are really scrambling now,” Downtown Fredericton Inc. president Bruce McCormack told Global News on Saturday.

Premier Blaines Higgs acknowledged on Friday that not everyone would be able to open immediately. Businesses will have to craft operational plans that demonstrate how public health rules, such as physical distancing, can be observed.

“Businesses can open effective immediately, but each of them must decide when they are ready to open,” Premier Higgs said Friday.

“Some have been preparing for this moment and will be able to open right away. Others will need more time.”

New Brunswick has not announced a new confirmed case in four days, after its previous streak of 16 days was broken by new cases on consecutive days.

As of Sunday there are 120 confirmed cases in the province, two of which are active. One of the active cases is still being investigated to determine if it is travel related or another instance of community transmission.

The briefing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. AT.

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