Tuberculosis case found at Denver’s George Washington High School

Health officials are investigating tuberculosis exposure at George Washington High School in Denver.

The Public Health Institute at Denver Health (PHIDH) is working closely with Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment and Denver Public Schools on the investigation, according to a Denver Health news release.

“Those who may have been exposed have already been contacted and will be tested,” the release said. “All students, staff, and parents have been informed of the matter. Currently, there is no ongoing risk for TB exposure at the school. It is safe for students and staff to attend school and participate in activities as usual.”

So far, health officials have identified one patient, who had symptoms over the past two weeks, and who recently tested positive.

TB is caused by germs that spread between people through the air, health officials said, and it typically takes several hours of exposure for someone to become infected. Most people who are exposed to TB do not get infected. Typical symptoms are a chronic cough, fever, or night sweats that are persistent for several weeks and usually get worse. A person infected with TB, but who is not sick, can be treated to eliminate infection and prevent them from getting sick in the future. TB can also affect the brain, the kidneys, or the spine, and the disease can be fatal if left untreated.

Health officials urge anyone experiencing symptoms to contact a doctor or contact the CO-HELP line at, 24 hours a day, at 303-389-1687.

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