Arlene Foster explains Boris Johnson’s Brexit masterplan after agreeing to deal with EU

Boris Johnson planned to change NI protocol 'later' says Foster

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Former DUP leader Arlene Forster has argued that Boris Johnson approached Brexit negotiation with Brussels always planning to change the Northern Ireland protocol at a later date. The Protocol has bitterly offended Northern Irish Unionists who believe their place in the United Kingdom has been undermined as a result of new customs arrangements. Mr Forster told Nigel Farage on a GB News panel that she felt “let down” by the signing of the Protocol.

Ms Foster told GB News: “Boris took the view that he was going to get Brexit done.

“In order to do that he was going to sign up to the protocol and he would change it later on.

“That was genuinely his belief that he would change it later on.

“Now of course that has proven to be very very difficult.”


“As a result, Northern Ireland people are suffering,” added Ms Foster.

“But there is a real need for unilateral action by our own Government now.

“Do deal with those issues on trade and indeed on identity as well for those of us who live in Northern Ireland and are proud members of the United Kingdom.

“But can I say this I think Boris performs best when he has a big mission.”

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