Boris is marching to the exit! Fury erupts as free NHS prescriptions axed

Boris Johnson comments on energy crisis

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The charge could come into force as soon as April, while the current £9.35 fee may be hiked at the same time in a double blow to the nation’s pensioners. It comes as soaring inflation hits incomes while rising taxes and prices threaten a cost of living crisis.

And, as many outraged readers pointed out, prescriptions are set to remain free for everybody in Scotland and Wales.

This is despite both their devolved governments receiving payouts from the UK Government.

Snapper1 said: “Sounds typical to me. Boris and the Tories are marching to the exit.”

Mark Cordingley raged: “The pensioners should revolt!

“They have hit us hard on pensions back tracking in manifesto promises now this!

“Whilst the Scots get them free on the back of the British taxpayers!

“Something (is) not right here.

“I hope the next GE (general election) comes sooner so we can kick this corrupt lying Government out.”

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Hunch wrote: “Why does England pay for prescriptions when Scotland doesn’t?

“Seems an odd way of levelling up!”

Scouser In Scotland said: “WE pay NI (National Insurance) every month we work, paying, £00’s per month.

“The point of this is insurance so we don’t need to pay for health services and treatments when we work and or when we retire.

“So now OAPs have to pay from their small incomes for medical treatments. It is disgusting.”

Last year, the Government announced plans to lift the qualifying age for free prescriptions in England from 60 to age 66, to bring them into line with the State Pension age.

It said many people aged from 60 to 65 remain in employment and can therefore afford to meet the cost.

Campaign group Prescription Charges Coalition is fighting to rescind the changes.

Chair Laura Cockram warned of “the dire impact of the proposals on those living with health conditions”.

Age UK has called plans to end free NHS prescriptions for the over 60s in England a “bitter pill to swallow for millions”.

Director Caroline Abrahams said prescriptions are free for everyone in Scotland and Wales and the principle should be extended to England, too.

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