Boris Johnson facing major problem after showing failure in moral leadership

Johnson has shown ‘failure of moral leadership’ says expert

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Conservative Home news editor Henry Hill sat down with BBC Scotland’s The Nine to talk about how the Party Gate allegations have affected Prime Minister Boris Johnson reputation. Mr Hill explained that the Prime Minister’s alleged actions have shown his failure at leadership when it comes to running the country. The Conservative editor described how members of the British public made sacrifices to make sure they were sticking to the rules implemented by Mr Johnson’s Tory Government. Mr Hill criticised some of the rules laid out for the handling of the pandemic as ‘Draconian.’ 

Mr Hill said: “It’s not as though the Prime Minister’s in the clear if he didn’t do anything criminal.

“The major problem here is that it shows a failure of moral leadership.

“Even if it was only that he was breaking the guidelines, those guidelines were his Governments guidelines.

“They were being sold to the nation, every day by his Ministers and millions of people who followed those rules, did make very real sacrifices during the pandemic.

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Mr Hill added: “Now it might be that people feel in retrospect, that some of those rules such as you know, banning people who were already at work from meeting for ten minutes to wish someone happy birthday.

“Might have been draconian or disproportionate but it’s nonetheless the case, that they were the rules.

“And he had probably more responsibility than any other single person in the country.

“To make sure that he was obeying them at all times.”

Boris Johnson partygate a ‘political issue’ says former Met chief

 It was announced earlier in the week that the Met Police have launched an investigation into alleged rule breaks at Number 10, Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said:

“I can tell you this morning as a result firstly of the information provided by the Cabinet Office inquiry team and secondly by the officers own assessment, I can confirm that the Met is now investigating a number of events that took place at Downing Street and Whitehall in the last two years.

“My officers have assessed several other events that appear to have taken place at Downing Street and Whitehall on the available information these other events are assessed as not reaching the threshold for criminal investigation.”


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Ms Dick added: “I should stress that we are now investigating does not mean fixed penalty notices will necessarily be issued in every instance and to every person involved.

“We will not be giving a running commentary on our current investigations but I can assure you we will give updates at significant points.”

More evidence has come to light with the Sue Gray enquiry into the alleged parties at Downing Street, pictures of Prime Minister Boris Johnson at one of them is said to be in the hands of Sue Gray.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan commented on the Met police investigation, Mr Khan said: “I welcome confirmation that the Met Police is investigating a number of events that took place at Downing Street and Whitehall in the last two years in relation to potential breaches of the law.

“The public rightly expects the police to uphold the law without fear or favour, no matter who that involves, and I have been clear that members of the public must be able to expect the highest standards from everyone, including the Prime Minister and those around him.

“No one is above the law. There cannot be one rule for the Government and another for everyone else.”

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