Boris Johnson in fiery spat with Marr over HGV shortages – Brexit to fix ‘broken model’

Boris Johnson: Brexit to fix 'broken' UK economy model

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The Prime Minister was grilled by Andrew Marr on the UK Government’s handling of the HGV driver crisis which has seen shortages and queues at petrol stations. Boris Johnson argued the crisis in the haulage sector was a necessary bump on the road to higher productivity and economic growth off the back of Brexit. He insisted the British voters in 2016 and 2019 voted for an end to the “broken model” of the UK economy which relied on low wages and low skills.

Marr told the Prime Minister: “The logic of what you are saying is that the shortages and the short-term problems are an inevitable result of the policy.

“To get higher productivity, to get higher wages we as a country have to go through some bumps, some shortages, some queues on the way, and that folks is what you voted for. When you voted for Boris’s Brexit that is what it meant.”

Boris replied: “When people voted for change in 2016 and when people voted for change again in 2019 as they did they vote for the end of a broken model of the UK economy that relied on low wages and low skill, and chronic low productivity.”

“We are moving away from that, we are investing massively in skills, we are investing massively in infrastructure…”

“This is heading towards bluster,” snapped Marr.

The Prime Minister retorted: “No it’s not!”


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