Brexit fury: Boris Johnson accused of being ‘reluctant Brexiteer’ as sell-out fears grow

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib argued that Boris Johnson has not been publicly supportive of Brexit enough. While speaking on Brexit Unlocked with Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, Mr Habib insisted that there were signs the Prime Minister didn’t believe in Brexit. Mr Habib said: “Boris Johnson may well pull a rabbit out of a hat at the last minute and I may prove myself to be anything but Mystic Meg.”

Mr Habib then argued that Boris Johnson has shown the signs of someone who does not truly believe in Brexit.

He said: “What I did today was to go back to the 24th of June and watch Boris Johnson’s speech on the morning that we won the referendum.

“Boris spoke for six minutes and 52 seconds, the first three minutes were dedicated to how despondent he was that David Cameron had resigned and what a great Prime Minister and visionary he was.

“He eventually got around to Brexit at about four minutes 52 and he did not once smile, he did not once paint an optimistic picture over the wonderful future we would have as an independent trading nation.”

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Mr Habib argued that Boris Johnson as Prime Minister still hasn’t done an adequate job at promoting Brexit.

He continued: “That is also the story of Boris Johnson’s premiership as well.

“I have never once heard Boris paint a vision of post-Brexit Britain.

“I haven’t heard him talk about the wonderful dividends we would get and what they are.

“I haven’t heard him talk about the deregulation that would be available to us and how we could fire up British industry, the city and everything else.”

Mr Habib also reflected on the Government’s announcement it hopes to implement a green revolution for post-EU Britain.

He said: “Now, this week, we have got a real glimpse of what Boris is.

“We have got this new green industrial revolution and actually what that signifies to me is that all along Boris Johnson has been a supranational institutional believer.

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“At best Boris Johnson is a reluctant Brexiteer and at worst he is a Prime Minister in the same mould as David Cameron and Theresa May.

“He is dragged kicking and screaming into Brexit and that is my take on it.

“It is not Mystic Meg, it is looking back to get some indication of where the future lies.”

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