Brexit LIVE: Macron spitefulness knows no bounds! French ban on Brits sparks fury

Lord Frost criticised over post-Brexit negotiations by Habib

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Following Britain’s departure from the EU, Mr Macron has launched a tirade of abuse towards the UK. This comes amid an ongoing dispute between France and Britain over fishing licences. In his latest attack on Britain, Mr Macron’s Government announced a range of new rules on travel from the UK following a surge in the Omicron variant in Britain. It means France now only allows travel from the UK for what it deems “compelling reasons”.

Now, Britons have hit back at the French President with one person claiming his “spitefulness” knows no bounds. reader, Alf101, commented: “Macron’s spitefulness towards Brits knows no bounds.”

Johno Hull added: “It’s about time the UK Government showed some b##ls and scrapped all fishing licences, and we should stop buying their wine, perfume, cars and whatever else.

“They have only wanted our cash and custom when all said and done.”

Mac123 wrote: “Via France isn’t the only way to get to mainland Europe.

“Bypass France if that’s what they want.”


Brexiteer predicts how Boris ‘will get bullied’ in final talks with EU

A Brexiteer has claimed Boris Johnson will “buckle” and bow down to the EU’s demands over the Northern Ireland Protocol next year.

Speaking to, Ben Habib said: “We will get bullied.

“But talks won’t continue for much longer, as there will be some cosmetic variation to the border arrangement, with the UK conceding more ground to EU regulations.

“So it will reduce friction in terms of trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

“So we’ll align more with their regulations.

“We’ll accept a small amount of ECJ interference in Northern Ireland.

“So the ECJ will stay the same. We will buckle in the New Year.”

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