Election 2020: Test your vote against policy choices in our interactive

Do the policies you support actually line-up with how you plan to vote?

Use the Herald’s new interactive tool to select the policy areas that are most important to you – and then decide whether you agree with the policies presented.

These are some of the key policies put forward this election – but you won’t be able to see what political party each belongs to.

By doing this blind test you’ll learn how many of your preferred policies match each political party.

You might be surprised about whose policies appeal – or pleased that your political leanings are reflected in your choices.

Then it’s up to you to decide whether this information makes you think differently about how you cast your vote.

After a slow start, parties have released a flurry of policy ahead of polling day on October 17.

Advance voting is already underway. The Electoral Commission’s chief electoral officer Alicia Wright has said early voting could make up 60 per cent of the total overall number of votes. In 2017, early voting was 47 per cent.

The latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll, released a week ago today, showed Labour was still comfortably ahead on 48 per cent – but would need the Greens, who were polling on 7 per cent, to form a government.

National managed to pull itself up to 33 per cent, up 2 per cent from the same poll the week before.

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